Gieves and Hawkes

The history of Gieves & Hawkes is in reality the story of two separate houses, both established in the 18th century, and which only amalgamated less than 40 years ago. Gieves became a celebrated supplier of the British Royal Navy and Hawkes of the British Army.The two companies then came together as late as 1974 to become known as Gieves & Hawkes. In 1974 Gieves acquired Hawkes and moved from their flagship store on Bond Street to Savile Row. Their combined tradition of excellence and craftsmanship have in modern times led them to supply not only royal houses in Europe and around the world but also many famous stars of stage and screen, sports personalities and other famous public figures.

Gieves & Hawkes still produce, on request, variants of military and court dress as, for instance, the celebrated and richly embroidered frock coat made for Michael Jackson and based on ceremonial Court dress such as previously worn at Buckingham Palace. In particular they have proudly served Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II over the sixty years of her reign, not only making a famous version of the traditional naval boat cloak in 1953 but also continuing to supply and maintain the uniforms of her personal Royal Bodyguard.

Gieves and Hawkes Logo
Gieves and Hawkes Logo


Gieves and Hawkes has in total four (4) stores in London, including concessions. The flagship store for the brand is located on Savile Row. The street popular for menswear and overall classic british mens fashion. Savile Row is for mens only as there are only men’s stores on the road. Gieves and Hawkes situated on No.1, Savile Row, London, possibly the most prestigious address for a mens clothing store.


Gieves and Hawkes offers only menswear. They are a famous brand for menswear and offer the following variety of products:

  • Tailoring
  • Weekendwear
    -Casual Trousers
  • Shirts and Ties
    -Business Shirts
    -Formal Shirts
    -Bow Ties
  • Accessories
    -Leather Goods
    -Pocket Squares

Gieves and Hawkes also have a Military offering, Military services and products:

  • Medal Mounting
  • Jewellery
  • Headwear
  • Ties
  • Badges
  • Ranking
  • Buttons & Metalwork
  • Uniform & Clothing
  • Boots & Spurs
  • Belts, Sashes & Braces
  • Sleeve Boards
  • Swords


Gieves and Hawkes uses London’s Savile Row to always promote themselves, as they are located on No.1 Savile Row. This is a trend that has also been taken by other brands on the same street, and they also promote themselves via the street name, Savile Row. Savile Row is the traditional British location to go to for mens formalwear, such as suits, bow ties, etc…

A masterclass in textural variation, the suiting on offer in Gieves and Hawkes AW14 collection is nothing short of superb. Rich tweeds, heavy wools and grey flannels provide the crux of what’s on offer, as do the rich shades of brown and navy.

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